Writing Task

1. In some countries, private cars are now banned from certain city centers. What are the advantages of such a system and do you think that this is something that most cities should adopt? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

A safety and security a house provides is one of the biggest priorities among people these days. But for some , there is another aspect of a  house because investing in one is the biggest financial decision so they are contended by staying a place on lease .I will discuss the merits and demerits of renting a property in the forthcoming paragraphs.
There could be several factors why majority of people prefer living as a tenant. Primarily, people who are not certain about investing high monetary resources on property find it suitable to rent. Renting a property is advantageous mainly because it provides easy mobility and relocation especially when one is not sure about their stay in a particular city. Additionally, the responsibility and accountability like maintenance and repair are shared between the tenant and the landlord. Alternatively ,the real beneficiary is the owner of the house as the tenant does not get any return on the property .There is no stability as the person has to move from one place to another after the expiration of lease agreement. Further more,it increases the expenditure of packing and moving to the other place Moreover, the person who leases the place has to bear restrictions, such as not being able to modify the property according to their requirements and prohibition on keeping a pet. To recapitulate, there are  both benefits and drawbacks of rental accommodation inequivalent proportion. Though it reduces the expense of maintenance ,in some cases, it leads to reduced sense of home security.

2. It is common these days to see celebrities advertising different products. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience Write at least 250 words.

Celebrity endorsement has become quite popular. Even mediocre brands are following this trend for promoting or launching a product. Certainly, product endorsement is a traditional and highly effective marketing strategy to spread brand an awareness. Nonetheless, it also bears certain risks as well. In this essay I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of celebrity branding. To begin with the advantages of celebrities advertising for different companies, building trust is the main positive. A large number of people consider these celebrities as their role model and trust them. Therefore, they find a product authentic and accept able if their favorite celebrity is advertising it. Furthermore, it becomes easier for the people to remember or recall the advertisement if a famous personality promotes it. Looking at the other side of the argument, the predominant disadvantage is the cost involved in this promotional activity. Companies which are able to spend a huge amount of money on advertisements care the biggest beneficiaries of this practice. On the other hand, financially incapacitated companies cannot sign a celebrity to promote their brands. Hence, in spite of making quality products their business suffers.
Sometimes, such marketing practices can adversely affect the good will of a company. I mean to say that negative public it y of the celebrity has a direct impact on the revenue of the company. Declining stardom of a public figure can bring a substantial drop in company’s overall sales. Concluding both the sides, celebrity end or segment is indeed a powerful marketing strategy. It helps in market expansion. Moreover, it can positively affect the perception and purchase intentions of the customers. I believe, the benefits in terms of trust and reliability outweigh any drawbacks.

3. Children using tablets and smart phones  Nowadays, parents are allowing their children to use tablets and smart phones to enhance learning. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.  Write at least 250 words

In the past few years, modern technology has become accessible to society at large. More and more parents are relying on computers and laptops to make their children learn new things. In this essay, I will discuss both merits and demerits of using technology for learning. Let’s begin by looking at the advantages of using tablets and smart phones. The main positive is that it supports social interaction and enhances communication skills. In other words, children can easily connect with their family and friends. Moreover, due to their advanced features, compact devices like mobile phones have become more than just a calling device. They can be used for entertainment and learning as well. Children get the chance to learn through various educational applications. Furthermore, playing games on smart phones, increases their mental stimulation and concentration turning to the other side of the argument, excessive use of electronic devices makes children devoid of physical activity. It not only hampers their personal growth but also physical development. Another issue is that, children prefer isolation and become addicted to these devices. As a result, it adversely affects their inter personal as well as social skills. Considering both the sides, we can conclude that balance is the key. Although, smart phones and tablets have multiple benefits, reading and other physical exercises are also necessary for children’s overall development. I believe, the educational benefits of using electronic devices outweigh any drawbacks.

4. Some argue that good heal this the basic human need, so medical service should not be run by profit‐making companies. Do you think the disadvantages of the private health care outweigh the advantages?

Healthy people make a healthy society. Both government and private sector are responsible for providing health care facilities. Although many people argue that medical facilities should be given to private companies to handle, I am not in favor that the drawbacks of privatization of medical departments outrank the benefits. To begin with, the opponents of private hospitals may argue that these are money oriented organizations and their main motive is to earn money by all means. Certainly, health should not be taken care by those people whose main motive is financial gain only. Secondly, these days modern private hospitals are not less than any four or five star hotels .They cater all the luxurious needs of well‐off patients. These expensive hospitals and their high class treatments are meant for the rich only. Moreover, private health centers charge a hefty amount that cannot be borne by poor easily. On the other side, all the governments have to rely on private sector in all major domains such as education, banking and health care etc. Considering the increasing number of people who need medical care, privatization of medical sector has become a social demand. First and foremost, private hospitals are providing services almost everywhere. This has been a boon to many people who live in remote areas. Private hospitals have emerged as a life saver for many valuable lives. Another reason is the treatment in private health care facilities is quicker than the public hospitals. Furthermore, it has also been seen that the hospitals run by the government lack many facilities. In comparison, private units are fully equipped and efficient service is ensured. To sum up, privatization of health care is necessary for the betterment of society. However, the government should implement some strict rules and regulations to control the unnecessary demands of private hospitals

5. Museums are that part of the country that show case the pastor the scientific or artistic nature of the things. Although, there are different variations of museums, some of them charge entry fees while others do not. In this writing task, we are looking at a sample answer, which weighs the advantages and disadvantages of charging people for museums. Many museums charge for admission while others are free.  Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages?

Some museums are chargeable on entry for individuals. Although, there are some questions on this rule, in my opinion, the drawbacks for entrance are eclipsed by its benefits. The income can be ploughed back into operation and development of the museums. The major disadvantage of entry fee for museum is a possibility of reducing the number of visitors. Most individuals are not very enthusiastic about entering into museums, charging fee might reduce the interest even further. In addition, museums are a great way of showing the culture to the poor, who often are not able to attend schools. Putting an entry fee limits the education that a country can provide to its economically backward individuals. Granted an admission, might have a negative impact on the number of people visiting, but it surely uplifts the people maintaining and operating the museums. Museums feature educational exhibitions at times, and this could not have been done without a sum of money expended on hiring professionals and buying equipment. Even more, there are a lot of people employed with in museums. Providing salary to them can only be possible if Museums have certain funding. In conclusion, the disadvantages of an admission fee for the museums overcome the free entry considering all aspects of the development of museums.

6. In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays they have more opportunity to study abroad. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?

The world is becoming more globalized and young people are more open about ideas to relocating to different countries for various reasons. Studying in a different country has become a new trend and there are various benefits and drawbacks associated with it and I shall discuss the same in the following paragraphs. To begin with, studying in a different country gives us new perspective about life and it broadens our horizons. Moreover, students become accustomed to changes from an early age and are able to adapt quickly in a new environment. Another reason is, most of the students from developing parts of the world move to western countries for further education due to various reasons in their homeland. For instance, in my country, India the number of internationally recognized universities is quite few and due to an ever increasing population, securing an admission has become quite a big challenge. Therefore, heading overseas for higher education is advantageous for these students as the institutions there are globally known too and getting into them is relatively easier. On the contrary, students become homesick after a certain time as settling into a new environment can be quite a daunting task. Besides, different surveys conducted among foreign and native students show that international learners feel twice as lonely as their counterpart. Aspirant’s from third world countries pay huge sums of money to get enrolment into these reputed universities. As a consequence, families back home struggle financially and in some cases even mortgage their property to fund the college fees of their offspring. To conclude, it can be said that that even though there are a number of negatives of studying abroad, the positives far outweigh them. Studying abroad can open the door to a world of new opportunities and the difficulties faced while being abroad only make us a stronger individual.

7.In modern days people are heavily influenced by other cultures. Is this cultural invasion a positive development or a negative development?

In these modern times when the world has becomes united and accepting to one another it baffles me how some individuals still view accepting different cultures and customs as a threat. Most of the modern cities are filled with people from different backgrounds and various corners of the earth. If we take a tradition from a different culture and make it our own it does not do any harm. Locals have become more accepting nowadays and it gives them a chance to learn something new about a culture that is not their own. I have seen people who have got so intrigued by different customs and traditions that they ended up visiting the land of their origin to find out how it is originally celebrated there. Chinese New Year I some such event where people from all walk so file come together to celebrate New Year which is not even their own. Toronto, New York, London, Paris and all other major cities in the world have a place called Chinatown. People of Chinese origin have moved and settled there and they along with the local population celebrate the festival and enjoy the festivities. It is a very welcoming sign that modern day societies are so welcoming to one another’s customs. There are some individuals in the society who view everything that is not their own as a threat to their culture. These pupils fail to realize that as a society we are continuously evolving and anychangethattakesustowardsamoreunitedandwellinformedworldisastepintheright direction.

8. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school.  Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words

Some educationists believe that it is preferable for kids to start learning a foreign language at an early age rather than secondary school. This essay will consider both the views and define why taking a top priority of studying an alien language at primary school is enormously helpful with examples. First and foremost, mixture of languages is a major down fall when young ones are encouraged to take up a second language at school. As the young brain is not completely developed to connect out the rules of languages, there is a great possibility that they will mix words from different dialects. It’s often observed that children in secondary schools can address the given problem, as opposed to you this in primary schools. Secondly, academic achievements are often affected because mastering a new language, which typically includes complicated vocabularies and terminologies, forces the children from secondary school to devote more time on it than the main stream subjects. Children fancy learning an overseas language .So kids are found to pick up phrases and words of different languages promptly while having fun. This accounts for children being better at primary school as opposed to secondary school in learning a new language. In conclusion, in my opinion with the consideration of positives being in credibly comfortable and more attractive they eclipse the discussed inconveniences.

9. In many countries young people have been living far from their parents from the time of studies, work till marriage. Do you think there are more advantages than disadvantages to this trend?
 You should write at least 250 words.

The expansion of Internet and prevalence of globalization have led to new opportunities across the globe. In the current economic climate, student and worker mobility have become an increasing trend. The drivers’ for this mobility being either local circumstances or the desire to explore. This has resulted in many issues across the globe but has even resulted in many positive developments. The cost of having to move and possibly live in the new city is often difficult without having work secured. However, with careful planning and organization such as finding the workplace and having sound financial status, the risk can be mitigated. For example, millions of people often flock to Mumbai in search of a better life style. However, those who find work before hand and then grow tend to grow more and achieve success. Relocation to a new place often involves learning a new language and accepting the cultural differences. Although overcoming a language barrier may be difficult at first, the long‐term benefits of learning a language are in credible. It often widens the perspective of an individual and lets them know more about the world in whole. All in all, one can reduce the financial disadvantages with careful planning. Even more, knowing a new language and experiencing a new culture opens up a new perspective on the individuals

10. Do the advantages of having English as a global language outweigh the disadvantages?
Write at least 250 words.

Thanks to the colonization done by the British, more than half of the world’s population can speak English to some extent. This language has surely helped in uniting the world on a global platform. I think that the benefits of English as a global language out number its drawbacks. In today’s world, when people are traveling around the world for leisure, studies, work and medical treatment, a common language comes to an aid. For a two‐way communication to happen successfully, both the parties need to be able to understand each other and respond accordingly. Certainly, English has played its crucial part in building a communication bridge among the people of different cultures and nationalities. Furthermore, speaking a common language in a foreign country helps people in adapting in a new environment. It allows you to make friends relatively easily, learn about the culture, find a job and visit places. Not to mention, this universal language has facilitated trade and knowledge transfer across the globe, there by turning the world into a global village. On the other hand, the growth of English as a lingua franca has a negative impact on one’s culture. Owing to its strong influence, the popularity of western cultures has increased worldwide. The lack of interest shown by young adults in traditional functions/ceremonies and clothes is a clear example of this change. This is a worrying trend because the language is the medium through which cultural knowledge is passed on to our future generations. In conclusion, it is undeniably true that English has brought the world together. At present, its disadvantages may seem minuscule when compared to its advantages. None the less, its increasing influence is a real threat to cultural and linguistic diversity

11. In some countries, schools have added a foreign language in the curriculum of primary schools. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
 You should write at least 250 words.

We are living in a globalized world where a person sitting in India could be having a business conversation with someone in New York or may be in China. The world has shrunk to 0s and 1s. Most schools therefore have now started offering a foreign language as a subject in primary schools.
Learning a language always helps an individual to grow faster and sharper. According to a survey, a person who knows more than one knowledge is better at taking decisions and doing multi‐tasking. A foreign language in primary school syllabus will surely help students to develop their minds better and grow into smart individuals.
Even more, we often speak a language with flair if we converse in it or have heard it over a period of time. Teaching a certain language right from the primary school can help students get a good grasp of it in the later years of life. However, we are living in a dynamic world and what seems important now may become obsolete later on. Therefore, deciding on the language to be taught can be a tough choice. For instance, if a child learns Mandarin when young only to realize that Hindi has now become the most important language could lead to shift of attitude towards learning a language. However, one cannot deny that a person who can learns a foreign language can learn another faster. In conclusion, being able to communicate orally and in written in a foreign language is troublesome for a child in primary school. However, no matter how slower a learner is, an additional language always gives the person an added advantage in later years of life.

12. Today, more and more students are deciding to move to a different country for higher studies. Do you think the benefits outweigh the problems? You should write at least 250 words.

With the expansion of economies and the desire to get a global exposure, there has been an increase in number of students who prefer going abroad for higher studies. While there are various positives with this shift, there are some drawbacks as well. In my opinion, if going to abroad fits into ones plan for life, he or she must definitely try to get hold of the exposure. However, merely doing it for the sake of it, can cause trouble.
Studying abroad brings with it a host of problems. Firstly, most students face cultural shock, this when mixed with browbeat of studies, often cause students to stumble. However, if the person is ready to adapt to the new place without judging or comparing it could give them a life time experience. Secondly, countries like US, America and Australia do not have very high number of job available. Most students take education loan for their studies in foreign countries. Failing to get a job often leads to a strenuous life. Comparatively, the students with international exposure are offered better opportunities back in their home land To conclude, like most good things, there certainly are roadblocks to the education in overseas. But, if the student is determined to have a multi‐faceted career schooling at a foreign university surely gives the extra advantage

13. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the drawbacks?
Write at least 250 words

Foreign languages have become a key component of school curriculum in many parts of the world. But, whether children should learn them at primary or secondary school is a topic of frequent discussion. Some people argue that children should be introduced to international languages at primary level. Personally, I believe that the pros of this early exposure of foreign languages outnumber the cons.
To begin with, in today’s globalized world, it is almost impossible to deny the significance of being a bilingual or a multilingual. Our foreign language abilities play a defining role in every field, be it finding a dream job in a multinational company or settling in a new country. Therefore, teaching international languages to young pupils is a major step towards their bright future. More importantly, children’s minds are highly receptive when they are young. They can learn anything much more quickly than adults and are not afraid of making mistakes. These early language lessons can not only boost the confidence level of learners but also help them attain native‐like fluency. These classes will also have a positive impact on children’s social life.
On the other hand, the negatives of making children learn an international language when they do not understand its value should not be overlooked. Most schools, especially the Asian ones, have many subjects like science, mathematics, history and geography etc. in their curriculum. As a result, young students have a lot to learn. So, including one more subject in the form of a foreign language definitely puts additional pressure on children. Some learners find it hard to cope with this extra work. It is often observed that if students do not get the support they need, they tend to lose their interest in the language. To sum up, language acquisition is a gradual process. The sooner it begins, the better the results will be. I believe that careful lesson planning can make the entire learning experience enjoyable and rewarding for every child.

14. Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience
 Write at least 250 words.

Recent years have witnessed a dramatic change in the type of food people consume. Nowadays, convenience foods or most commonly known as processed foods form a major part of most people’s diet, especially in developed countries. Considering the strong influence of this trend on global food habits, it is often claimed that the popularity of such foods will rise substantially in the future and traditional foods will disappear. I completely agree with this statement.
There are two main reasons why processed foods are likely to become more popular in the coming years. Firstly, the decline in family size and the increase in single‐adult households have rendered cooking unnecessary. In the past, people lived in large families where one person looked after time‐consuming domestic tasks such growing and preparing food. Definitely, this way of living was more economical in those times. But, in today’s fast‐paced world, where nuclear and single parent families have become the norm, preparing food daily is often seen as a useless and boring activity.
Secondly, the number of full‐time working mothers is increasing day by day. Maintaining a fine balance between personal and work life has become a herculean task for many females. Most of them, therefore, prefer to use the fastest means of satisfying their children’s hunger. Since convenience foods take less time to prepare, they generally turn out to be the easiest option. Undoubtedly, this trend is a serious threat to the existence of traditional foods as our young children are highly likely to imitate what they see every day.
To conclude, I strongly believe that there is a close relation between our way of living and food habits. In this modern world, people are choosing ready to eat foods over conventional foods for two main reasons mentioned above. If this trend continues, I have no doubt that traditional food will become a thing of the past.

15. While studying in a foreign country can bring lot of advantages to the individual there are some negative influences as well of the host culture.
Write at least 250 words.

Education teaches to excel in life, not just the subjects, but teaches how to deal with life. And foreign education is surely a golden chance for an ideal student. It instills in a child the ability to take decisions, stand by them and be more independent. Although, there are several benefits of studying abroad, some issues exist as well.
In the internationally reputed institutes a student gets a chance to learn under the masters of the particular field. In addition, living away from home teaches the child good communication skills, manners and useful lessons for life. There comes in a spirit of Universal brotherhood in the individual. Even more, an individual develops broad thinking and practical outlook that helps him or her to stand out of the crowd.
However, one cannot deny the negative influences of host culture. There are students who get health problems and sometimes the new environment makes them feel homesick. It might even be possible that his or her religious and cultural beliefs are looked down by the locals, making him or her feel down. Chances of being.
affected by vices like drinking, free movements and drug addiction exist and people have been trapped in the evils of such practices.
In conclusion, a student should remember the reason for attaining foreign education and try to emulate the positive aspects of the host culture

16. In the 21st century, many women have come out of their home to become what we call working women.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of women joining the workforce?
Write at least 250 words.

The economy of the world is booming, we have stable organizations, smarter kids and a lifestyle like never before. This is not because a magician has just changed the course of history. But because women have finally come out of their homes to find themselves, let their creative juices flow and to bring about a change in the world. But, just like the two faces of coin, with more and more woman working, there are certain areas of our lives that have taken a back seat.
On the positive side, women who work, tend to be more financially independent. This allows them to do things just for themselves without being accountable to anyone in the family. Secondly, working women often set an example for their kids, being a source of inspiration for their children. For example, once in an interview, Indira Noyil’s daughter was asked what does she wants to be in her life. She simply said, she wants to be herself with all the great things her mother has taught her, by example.
However, on the downside, a woman who chooses to work, has more on her platter than her peers. She has to not only juggle between work and home but also take care of herself, which woman often forgets to do. As a result, there is a steep decline in the health of a woman. Even more, a woman has to face, in many cases, sexual harassment at workplace, which makes life more miserable.
Overall, a business women, has so much to offer to the society in terms of experience, intelligence and personality. However, when there is no helping hand, it often leads her to being exhausted and tired, causing a work life imbalance

17. With increasing competition, companies want to work 24/7 and in order to fulfill that they offer a higher pay for working in shifts.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in shifts?
Write at least 250 words.

There has been a considerable increase in the competition and with time becoming a constraint, more and more companies are offering their employees work in shifts. This allows the employees liberty to work when they feel like at higher pays and companies benefit from being able to operate non‐stop. Although, shifts do offer great advantages to both the employee and employer there are certain disadvantages associated with them.
On the positive side, shift work gives employee the liberty to work when they want to. So, a person who needs to take care of home can work at night and vice versa. Secondly, it brings in the restriction of hours. So, in regular work, it is more of task completion based, while in shift a person needs to do whatever he or she can do in the given time. Anything left is taken care by the person coming next in the shift. Also, a person can easily avoid the peak hour rush, by choosing a shift when there is less traffic.
However, shift work brings along lot of disadvantages as well. Firstly, there is no routine for a shift worker. Regular workers become accustomed to a routine while shift people need to juggle between life and work. Often, it so happens that a person has to work in alternate shifts in a gap of few days. Secondly, shift work brings with it lot of health problems. When a person is young it is easier for a person it is easier for him or her to have fluctuations in eating and working habits but later in life, shift work causes diseases like blood pressure, insomnia, indigestion, gastritis and acidity.
In conclusion, shift work allows the person independence to choose the timings of work but it can even be very harmful for the health if done at a long stretch.

18. Cars have changed the way we travel. However, some people believe that there are more disadvantages to it than advantages.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cars?

Travel is an integral part of our lives and we travel for a great variety of reasons. However, in recent times the number of people owning a car has increased, as people want to now travel with more comfort and freedom.
On the positive side, a private car is more convenient mode of transportation. Having more comfortable seat, ventilation or other novel technologies help people to feel better than using of other methods, like bicycle or public bus. Secondly, it provides more security when compared to public transport. For instance, a woman is more likely to feel safe while driving a car at night than coming home late night in public vehicle.
However, a privately owned car also has some disadvantages. Firstly, city travelers have to spend longer hours on traffic jams. With the increase in the use of private cars, the density of traffic has been increased phenomenally and citizens have had to stay longer time on traffic load. Secondly, the use of cars to commute has decreased the average health of car users as they do not need to do any physical movement.
All in all, cars do bring in some great benefits to is owners, in a long run, they tend to harm more than help. But, if the owners take proper care of health and more people pool drive, one will be able to enjoy its advantages better

19. Internet has revolutionized the way world operates. However, some people believe that it has more disadvantages than advantages.
Do you think the advantages outnumber the disadvantages?
Write at least 250 words.

Internet has revolutionized the world. From booking tickets to paying bills to watching favorite shows, everything has gone online. Although, some people believe that this change has brought about great positive impacts, others are of the opinion that the negative effects of internet are far more than positive.
The upcoming of internet surely has great advantages. Firstly, internet search engines are the best information retrieval systems. One can find information regarding local restaurants to the flights available to any other happening in the world. Secondly, internet has provided us with some of the most effective ways of communication. Like, email social media; they allow interaction on a click which earlier took days or even months. Even more, it is the internet that has rather made the world a global village. Example, a student in India can access the courses provided by Harvard University and improve on their knowledge.
Despite the great advantages, internet like everything comes with its own disadvantages. Firstly, it has opened up a whole new world which means that everyone has access to everything. The downside of this exposure is that often people get access to things they should not like children watching porn. Secondly, the addiction to social media has disturbed the way of person’s living or professional life.
To conclude, internet has been a boon to the world, however it also comes with its own downsides. In my opinion, just like knife can be used to cut an apple or do murder, it is not the knife’s fault but rather that of the individual. If used properly, the advantages surely outweigh the disadvantages.

20. Every year an increasing number of students are doing their higher education in abroad.
Do you think the benefits of this development outweigh the problems associated with it?
Write at least 250 words

The past few decades have marked a dramatic shift in the number of people who choose to study abroad. Although studying abroad brings about great benefits for the individuals, it also has some disadvantages.
On the positive side of the trend, studying abroad provides better and more options to students to choose from. For instance, a student studying in a developing country might not have as many course or better facilities available (especially if he/she is not in the top colleges) as compared to those available in universities of developed countries.
Secondly, students get to meet more people from varied culture when studying in other country. This helps in making them more flexible and open to changes. Thirdly, it helps to promote the mutual understanding between their native country and their destination countries.
On the other hand, studying abroad is not possible for everyone pocket. The courses are quite expensive and because of the difference between economies of different countries, it costs an arm and leg to many. Even more, some students are not able to adjust to the new environment or sometimes the climate and other factors go against the students.
To conclude, one cannot deny that studying abroad has disadvantages and it is not possible for everyone to make it, but the positives outnumber the negatives.

21. Universities should spend same amount of money for their sport activities as they spent on their libraries.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

Every sports person is not a failure in academics and every topper is not unfit for sports. Education system at higher levels i.e. universities often spend more money on libraries as compared to different sports activities. Some people are of the opinion that since only students interested in studies make up to universities, it is obvious that there should be more emphasis on libraries, however, others disagree.
Spending more money on building up a better library system surely benefits the students. Firstly, more number of books makes sure that every student get a book. For instance, if there are 100 students attending a particular course and there are 60 books available in the library, it creates a feeling of lack in the left out 40 students. Even more, having a variety of books helps students in their research areas. For example, if there are five books available on a particular topic, it allows student a more in depth knowledge of that particular course.
On the other side, one cannot deny that sports are equally important for the overall development of the individual. Imagine a student excellent in football, if the college does not have a football team it will leave the student studying books or wandering about rather than working on his/her hobby. Spending equal amount of money on sports as in library, will provide students the right environment of work and play. To conclude, sports are equally important for the development of child as are books and one cannot overshadow the former in front of later. In my opinion, the better option would be to encourage students to participate in both, library as well as sports

22. Even though globalization affects the world economies, its down side must not be neglected. Discuss.
Write at least 250 words.

The world has become a global village and the word globalization a common term of the 21st century. Globalization means that the world has become integrated economically, socially, politically and culturally through the advances of technology, transportation and communication. As a result, the economies of many countries have got a boom and opportunities have risen up. Although, globalization has offered great advantages, the negative impact cannot be overshadowed. The major disadvantage of globalization is the impact it had on local markets. With the coming of international products, although the consumer is happier, but the local business men have suffered a lot. In some worst case scenarios, either the person had to close the business or work at lower prices.
The second issue has arrived in the more developed countries. With globalization, the companies in the European or American countries tend to outsource cheaper work force from Asian countries, leading to high rates of unemployment in these countries. On the other side, the Asian people tend to work for such multinational companies because of the higher salaries as compared to the home companies. This has created a situation of brain drain.
In conclusion, globalization has surely opened up doors for many providing better jobs and improved economic standards, however the loops are inevitable. In my opinion, the governments and companies must take a more balanced approach in dealing with the issues raised because of globalization, to ensure a equivocal environment to live in.

23. Computers are everywhere and with this increased dependence on computers, some people suspect that it might cause us some issues in future. Give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

Computers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. In fact, one cannot imagine to get through a working day without it. However, some people believe that the increasing dependence on computers is more likely to cause problems in future. Computers have surely transformed our lives. It is believed that in future it will bring about great advantages to human race. Firstly, computer will enable to make human task easier. For example, cleaning of the home can be done with the minimum effort and time with the advent of robot maids. Secondly, it is more likely to transform the education system. Computers when combined with Internet, helps in broadening the subject area. Like, a student can not only benefit from what is given in the book but also understand better using internet videos and web pages.
Although, computers have helped the human race, it has also given rise to new problems. Firstly, cyber‐addiction has led humans to become more isolated, inactive, and depressed. Secondly, accessing to some important data is costly, and users might be targeted by cyber-crime and lose all of their saved data. For example, a user’s bank password might be hacked by a professional hacker and thousands of dollars might be stolen by him.
In conclusion, like every tool, computers although have helped us, have even caused some issues. In my opinion, we cannot stop using computers or even we can’t lessen the uses of computers. The development of technology will follow its own track no matter what we think about it. The only possible way is to make our way out of the negatives to the positives

24. Some people think that being able to communicate online is breaking geographical barriers and enabling people, who would never have the chance to meet, communicate online.
What are the advantages of international communications? Are there any disadvantage too?

The world is a global village and with the coming of internet the communication has gone online. In present times, most people tend to prefer communicating online as compared to offline. This has allowed to bridge gap between people living at far off places and allowing people to interact with friends and family living at any corner of the world.
Interacting behind the screen has brought about great benefits. One of the major advantage of online interaction is that people can keep in touch with their loved ones at any moment. For instance, a person who works in Australia need not to wait for days to interact with his or her family living overseas, but can chat any moment either in social media or use any of the applications available.
Secondly, it allows faster communication among people. Example, if a business men wants to share information or want to get information from other individual, he or she can get is faster than before. Even more, it allows for greater communication between people from different countries allowing cross cultural interaction. On the other hand, international communications have opened up door for some drawbacks as well. Firstly, people are now more likely to get lost in the world of online interaction losing a touch with people who are near to them. Secondly, often people waste their time and energy talking with people they will never see in their life and miss out on building relationships in real life.
In conclusion, international communications have brought about people closer and made interacting easier. However, completely immersing oneself into the cyber space often leads to random wandering of people, leading them nowhere

25. More and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than face to face interaction.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communication?

Technology has brought about a considerable shift in the way communication between individuals and companies take place; a shift from the traditional face to face interaction towards online communication. However, the central question is whether the change is positive, or whether there are more drawbacks than advantages?
One of the major plus points of online interaction is there are less chances of fraud. No one can deny that they have said a particular thing as there is record of everything. For instance, if a company promises to offer its employee a bonus of 1000 and the information is sent via mail, the organization cannot deny having send it. If it does, it has to prove that the mail was malicious.
Secondly, online interaction seems to fit in the busy world we live in. Most people don’t have time to travel, but they still can interact with people they want to in just a click. Even more, it bridges the gap between people living far away. Example‐ friends who don’t meet regularly can stay in touch using any of the social media sites.
On the other hand it can be very easy to get distracted if you are constantly chatting online. Like, in a recent survey it was found out that people who used social media tend to be lesser effective at work than those who avoided there use during work. Another major disadvantage of online interaction is the security issue. Since the entire communication is online, it is quite possible that someone might drop in the conversation and steal the important passwords or information. To conclude, there are both positives and negatives to the use of technology for communication. In spite of the fact that it brings people together and eases communication, some people don’t find it reliable in case of secret information. Personally, I believe that although technology makes life easier one must not entirely depend on it for everything.

26. In many countries, children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong while others believe it is good for the children as it provides valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility.
Do you think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
You should write at least 250 words.

These days, it is common among children to take a part time job after the school hours. They believe that the job helps them in studies and also gives them the independence to spend on themselves, without any worry. I agree with this point of view, but it is important to bear in mind that juggling between work and studies does not suit everybody.
There are several benefits of taking up a part‐time job. For me, the main one is that you become independent. Instead of depending on parents for every day needs, you can buy things for yourself which means you feel more in control. This generally results in children feeling happier in their lives.
Not only that, you can also learn some new and exciting things that not only help you in getting future jobs but also the course that one has taken in college or school. For instance, if you take up a job as a mechanic in a nearby garage, and you study mechanical engineering in a college, you will be able to understand the concepts better. You will therefore be more motivated to work hard, in order to learn more.
Having said that, it is undeniable that working while studying is risky. If the job does not match with the course or you are spending more time on it, it might rather take a toll of your studies, which is not the best choice to make. Moreover, it is quite difficult to balance both, especially if you are living alone with no emotional support. To conclude, although, there is no doubt that some risks are associated with juggling between job and studies, I believe that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, particularly with regard to taking up responsibility and learning. However, it should be said that not everyone is a risk‐ taker, and one must not do it just because everyone is doing

27. Tourism has contributed to make English as a global language. Some people think that this will lead to English becoming the only language spoken globally.
What are the advantages and disadvantages to have only one English as the only spoken language?
You should write at least 250 words

It is thought by some people that with English becoming the predominant language, may one day become the dominant language of the world and outcast all other languages spoken in the world. Having one language will certainly aid global understanding and improve economic scenario but it also brings along with it some drawbacks.
One evident benefit to having one global language is that it would allow for better understanding among different countries. Even more, people travelling from one place to other won’t find difficulties in searching for better places. The third advantage that it provides is that it will reduce the crimes because of lack of communication that often take place in tourists. For instance, if a person understands the language of the country, it becomes easier for them to understand the signs on road or other public places.
Turning to the negative side of the argument, it would mean that all other languages will disappear and along with them the cultures they bring along with. Having different cultures allows for joy to the universe. Each culture is unique with its own way of life and its own perspective of the world which will be all lost if we had only one language. Secondly, the entire concept of tourism will break down because all country will have the same culture and same language, allowing nothing new for the tourism. This will have an adverse effect on countries which rely entirely on tourism.
In conclusion, where there are plus points of having a global language, too much will be lost as a result. Maintaining local language and culture will allow preserving the global heritage, which is of higher priority.

28. People must read those books that are related to real life events or established facts. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reading only one type of books?
Write at least 250 words.

Books are a man best friend. With the variety of books available, one often gets confuse on what books to read and what to ignore. Although everyone has a different taste, some people believe that one must read only one kind of book, via, books related to real life events. Reading books of only one genre brings with it some advantages and disadvantages.
Looking at the positive side of the argument, reading one kind of book, especially the one based on real life events; help broaden the horizon of an individual. It is often said, that if you know the past, you can make a better future. For instance, a person reading Mein Kemf can figure out what the political circumstances were during world war and why Hitler did did what he did. Knowing the reasons can help avoid them in future.
However, limiting one to a particular kind of books makes the person knowledge quite stagnant. For instance, a person who reads only books on history will not know the fantastic literature Shakespeare has written. Even more, books on true events are not preferred choice of young. Example, a child of ten years will be more interested in reading fiction books; forcing him/her to read history or non‐fiction might not be the most practical thing to do.
Overall, in my opinion, although reading one kind of book increases the knowledge by leaps and bounds in one field, but one must be allowed to read the book of their choice.

29. Some people think that young people should be allowed to do unpaid work helping people in the community. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Education is undeniably the most important thing for an individual. However, in today’s world, mere education is not enough, gaining valuable experience is very necessary to get a good job in future. Most people assert that youths must attend unpaid work in a community to get more advanced experience, while others are of the opinion that it can disturb their education.
Volunteering for a community work brings with it great advantages. Firstly, unpaid works in a curriculum offer better chance for kids to improve themselves in their field. As young, one is energetic, passionate and motivated to learn new experiences and the job can act as an opportunity to involve in a real work force that they are interested in.
Secondly, it provides students a sense of being pivotal in society, which makes them proud and helps them learning the importance of contribution.
Turning to the other side of the argument, studying in advanced level requires abundant of time to concentrate on assignments or exams. Enrolling in unpaid job could seem quite unpractical as even if the student has time, he or she will more likely participate in sports clubs or enroll in additional class. Even more, if students are hell bound to take an unpaid job it could be a hassle and distract them from their responsibility.
To conclude, in my opinion, even though attending unpaid jobs could be a hassle in the beginning, but by learning time management, a student can easily take on both and add wings to their career.

30. Although many people value public parks, but some believe that this space could rather be used for residential areas or develop business to boost economies.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The population all around the world is increasing with a rate faster than the earth can handle. With this increasing population, some people believe that to meet the requirements, public parks must be converted to business or residential areas. However, in my opinion, parks are very important for the emotional stability of individuals and must not be closed.
The importance of parks cannot be understated. Firstly, parks help in community revitalization. Considering the stressed lives people live in, parks provide the perfect environment for people to meet and release stress. Secondly, they provide holistic environment to children. Most children don’t learn things in the closed walls of classroom and need to interact with their peer or play with them. Thirdly, parks promote public health. Many people don’t have time to go to gym, parks help them giving the right environment for jogging or cycling.
However, some people believe that the world requires more of money and space to live in. Although the urgency cannot be denied, but if the space of parks is allocated, it could lead to unhealthy environment for kids as they would be deprived of place to play and enjoy. Even more, it could lead to unsafe localities as park surrounding the locality, marks its boundary, allowing security guards to ensure the security.
To conclude, it cannot be denied that we are in urgent need of space and importantly money for the over populated world, but I believe destroying parks might not be the right option.

31. What are the pros and cons for children of watching television?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

In present times, television has found its place in our lives. One cannot imagine a house without a television, especially the one connected to satellite. From times when it offered two channels, we are now in an era where we are caught in the stampede of different channels.. Although television has had an impact on all, it leaves a great impression on the minds of children.
Let us begin by looking at the advantages of television on the lives of children. One of the main positives of watching television is that the horizons of a child get expanded. For instance, a ten or below year child watching discovery channel or history channel or for that case any of the knowledgeable channels, gains more knowledge than his/her peers reading books.
Secondly, even though a child often prefers cartoons, there are many cartoons where one learns great things and even more the imagination of the child is improved. Take doraemon for example. Every episode of this show teaches either moral or scientific things. When the character of the show gets beaten up for lying, the child understands that he/she must not lie.
Turning to the other side of the argument, uncontrolled television is a major problem. In a study it was seen that a child watching more than one hour of television daily tends to be more aggressive than the one who watches less of TV. Even more a child seeing the fights or other aggressive shows, could try to imitate them and get himself/herself hurt.
Another issue is that, more than often a child gets attracted to the lives of television stars that they end up watching it for hours. This not only has negative impact on their health but also distracts them from their studies.
To recapitulate, television is like a weapon. One can either use it to protect or harm oneself. Personally, I believe television is watched under the strict guidance can prove to be a boon for the child.

32. These days, people work in more than one job, and often change career several times during their life.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to have two or more jobs. Even more, people tend to change their career at some point of their lives. Like the two sides of the coin, it has both benefits as well as drawbacks. In this essay, I will look at both sides and try to draw some conclusions.
One of the main positives of reassessing the career choice is that it opens the window of new possibilities. For most people, the career choice is made during their twenties. However, with time, gained knowledge and changed priorities, they develop skills that could help them lead a better life. A career change them becomes an obvious and reasonable choice.
Freelancing has found its way in our lives. So, for instance, the manager of a big firm could possibly also be the photographer of a fashion week. Having two or more jobs, provides the work life balance to them who cannot pursue their passion as a full time career. It brings home the feeling of satisfaction with security. Turning to the other side of the argument, a frequent career change could become a major issue. Often a career takes time to build and even more the perseverance to survive through rough times. Fluctuating between careers more than often, could bring a sense of insecurity in the minds of the individual.
Another issue is that it can be difficult to start a new life from scratch. In other words, when you start a new career, it has its own skill sets required and moreover, you are fresher in it. You need to make your network and find your space. This process takes time and can be challenging if you are doing it for simply money.
In conclusion, All things considered, starting a new career or fluctuating between more than one is never easy. You need to weigh up the pros of new lifestyle, busy schedules and so on, and the cons of insecurity, financial issues. Personally, I believe the benefits in terms of personal growth eventually outweigh any negatives.

33. These days, more and more people are going to other countries for significant periods of time, either to study/work abroad. There are clearly many benefits to doing this, but people who live abroad can also face some difficulties.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and working in foreign. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

We are living in a globalized world where the boundaries have become blur and mixture of cultures has led way to new way of thinking. With this, more and more people tend to move abroad for either study or work purposes. This has brought a new sense of connection between the different countries of the world. However, it has also led to the fading of the originality of a place.
Living or studying abroad brings with it, its own advantages. Firstly, a person becomes more acquainted with the world picture. For instance, a student who pursues his studies in abroad, gets to meet people from various cultures. This brings at home great knowledge which will stick with him or her throughout his or life. Secondly, the feeling of unity gets reignited. No matter, how many boundaries have been made, humans are very much similar. This shuffling, if done with harmony, can create an environment where people with different approaches can live together and may be create something unique.
On the other hand, this movement has often lead to some serious issues as well. Like, USA has been regarded as the technology hub of the world, and due to this reason mostly talented people flock to it, leaving behind a country which needs them. Even more, often times this creates a feeling of congestion in a country. Studying abroad brings with it various new things. But if done incorrectly, it could turn out to be a disaster for the student. For example‐ the scholarship may turn out false, the course may be tough for the student or the climatic situation creates irritation.
In conclusion, in my opinion, although there is no issue in shifting to a new country, but if done just because others are doing, it could turn out to be nightmare. Also, sticking to the roots and doing something for one’s own country always brings more sense of pride

34.In many countries it is very easy to apply for and be issued a credit card. However, this causes some people some problems with debts they cannot pay back. Do the advantages of a credit card outweigh the disadvantages?
Write at least 250 words.

The world today has become a majorly cashless society and the use of plastic money has crept in. plastic money as one refers to it means the use of credit cards and debit cards instead of real paper money. Credit cards have made people’s lives easier since it has reduced the use of paper money to quite an extent which in turn has made the mode of payment simpler with just a swipe.
Many countries including India as well, most of the people have credit cards as they are very easy to obtain from the banks which issue them. People from all walks of life, be it a student, a businessman or even a homemaker have a number of credit cards with which they make everyday payments for something or the other. The best part about owning one is that a person does not have to carry cash all the time and is also less time consuming as no money needs to be withdrawn from the account for any payments. These days all kinds of payments can be done with a credit card via the internet whether it is shopping online or payment of bills. Even if people do not have sufficient money in their savings account, a credit card can be used for payment up to a certain limit.
Though a credit card may seem the need of the hour by many people in this seemingly cashless society, yet it may have certain repercussions like over spending. People, who are impulsive shoppers, may spend money uselessly on items that are not required by them just because they have the capacity to pay via a credit card though they do not actually have the money. This created debs for such people which leads to the accrual of debts. The return of the money overdrawn on a credit card attracts an interest, late or non‐payment of this will lead to this interest being added to the actual amount. Hence, people will fall in debt unable to come out of it which might also lead to legal consequences as well.
In conclusion, It can be concluded that a credit card does make life easier for people in terms of payment for purchases made in today’s era but one should be careful not to be too free in its use and have a frugal attitude towards its usage

35. Some people believe that it is better for individuals to learn a foreign language in their primary schools rather than secondary schools.
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
Give your answer and include any relevant example from your own experience.
Write at least 250 words.

In recent times, more schools have started teaching foreign language in secondary schools but some people argue that it must be taught in primary schools. Teaching a foreign language in primary schools brings with it both positive and negative impacts. In this essay, I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of it.
On the brighter side of the coin, beginning a foreign language in the primary schools has great benefits. Firstly, it is very easy for a child to pick up a language. Therefore, learning a language in early years is very easy for them and also very effective. Secondly, kids have short period of classes included with games. Learning a new language in such a play centric environment will be natural for them. Thirdly, it allows the children the exposure of a new culture right from the beginning. It also helps them to learn a new language in later years of life.
However, there are some disadvantages as well. Firstly, the teachers of primary schools are generalist. It might be possible that they themselves don’t have a good command over the language. Secondly, bringing in specialist might harm the flexibility that is very important for a child. Thirdly, every individual learns at its own pace and own level. So there are chances that when a student enters the secondary level, some have great knowledge of the language while others don’t. This could make it tough for the teachers of secondary school.
Overall, I believe that anything that supports learning a new language must be cherished. Although there are some disadvantages, they can be overcome. Even more learning a new language proves to be beneficial for the society culturally and economically, and therefore attempts to make learning better must be made.

36. Nowadays, most parents are sending their kids abroad to acquire good education. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend. Give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

With the coming of globalization, the world has become a global village. With more and more people learning about the opportunities around the world, there is a growing drift of sending kids abroad. Most people believe that sending their children abroad, will allow their kids access to better education and will help them in future. Although this trend has brought in great advantages for children, it does not guarantees a bright future as some negative impacts have also been seen. This essay presents the benefits and the drawbacks of sending children to abroad.
There has been a huge positive impact of abroad study on students. Firstly, an abroad education not only teaches students their subjects in an exciting way, it also teaches the art of adjustment. Students studying in different country learn practically that everyone is different and you need to respect the differences. Secondly, an individual becomes more independent because they very well know that if there is a problem then, it is only they who can solve it. Thirdly, kids build contacts which will stay throughout their lives. These contacts not only help in personal but also professional life. Even more, an individual learns about new cultures and people who are different from what he/she is used to.
On the negative side, abroad study could be a nightmare for those who take it without any prior planning. For example‐: if a student chooses a college or a course randomly, chances are high that they may find it extremely difficult. This not only increases pressure but sometimes leads them to the wrong paths. Secondly, there are cases when racial issues have been filed. To combat these students must be aware of the laws of the country. Thirdly, a course in abroad is often expensive.
Overall, I believe that the focus must always be good education. There have been people who were successful without any abroad education, while there have been some who did study abroad, and owe their success to the education they got from there rather than running blindly towards abroad, a plan must be charted out or else you may even fail

37. In some countries, individuals are allowed to do a job for an year, between their high school and university educations.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to leave a year and do job.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

Do what you love, love what you do. This quote by Steve Jobs, has in many ways shaped the way young minds take decisions in 21st century. Keeping this in mind, many individuals drop a year after completing their high schools and indulge themselves into work force, before taking admissions in university. This essay presents the benefits and drawbacks of taking break from your studies.
Looking at the positive side of the coin, a year break brings with it many benefits. Firstly, it gives a person time for introspection. There are many people who realize their innermost passions very early in life, and some live without knowing what they could have been. A year break serves as a perfect boon to dig yourself deeper and find out the real you. Secondly, it helps individuals to chart out their own definite and unique plan. Once they are aware of their own strength and weaknesses, they can better decide on what courses they must take. Thirdly, a year break can help in, to learn new skills. For example‐:a person can take up dancing or singing or any other activity. These activities help in enhancing the individuals’ personality.
On the darker side of the coin, a year gap can be quite disastrous for those who have no plan about the year. Firstly, there are high chances that they get into the wrong path and indulge themselves into alcohol or drugs. Secondly, the importance of university education can get lost in the fight of survival. Often, people forget that the year is a time to find themselves and not earn more.
To conclude, I believe that giving an individual time to figure out about themselves, is great initiative and must be taken by other governments as well. However, it must be made certain that in that vulnerable year, youth becomes what they are meant to be and not a mirror of their circumstances.

38. Buying things on the internet such as books, air tickets and groceries is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
Write at least 250 words.

Internet came in 21st century and swept the world with it. After the advent of internet, a whole new market has been created. Whether it is Facebook, which allows us to be connected or Google which helps us whenever we need any information or online shopping sites which have changed the way world shops. Gone are the days when people used to beat the heat to buy things for themselves, the time has come when they just order it online! Buying things online has had its share of support and criticism.
On the positive side, the most important benefit that online shopping provide is that they save time. Living in this globalized world people don’t have time and online shopping serves them good. Secondly, shopping in INTERNET makes choosing things lot easier. With a click of a button, you can set filters and then the items displayed will be the one you require. This is unlike the traditional shopping where one has to look at all the things before deciding what to buy. The third big advantage that has come along is that buying things online is cheaper. The websites always offer some discount, making it more profitable for the customers.
Looking towards the darker side, online shopping has surely made people more lethargic. Most of the people avoid walking anymore and this has led to lot of health issues. Secondly, sometimes online shopping causes delay in delivery. This could be quite frustrating for those who want things immediately.
In conclusion, online shopping has surely been a help to the people who really don’t have much time and has even been cheaper allowing them to buy things at a better price. Although it surely does have some disadvantages but they can be ignored as online shopping has just begun and there is a long road to be traveled.

38. Write the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras. Write at least 250 words.

Technology is a double edged sword. While innovation and upgrades can make our lives easier, they can be even used to cause trouble. Although most of us reap the benefits of technology, some with the vested interest are able to cause trouble to the rest of us. Security camera is one such modern technology which has proved to be a boon for 90% of the population by combating crimes. However, just like every other technology, it comes with its own disadvantages.
The biggest advantage with CCTV cameras is that they provide a sense of security to people. Even more the mischief makers try to be their best, because they can see an eye watching them and they are aware that they might be caught red‐handed. In addition, CCTV cameras enable us to tab any suspicious activity that helps in stopping the crime before happening. The other great benefit of using CCTV cameras is that they create a room for gathering evidences. For example‐: You have a witness for a particular crime, but it so happens that they them self-missed out on some details. A CCTV camera ensures you don’t miss on anything.
On the negative side of the coin, CCTV cameras pose a great threat to the privacy of an individual. Even more it creates a sense of suspect in the minds of people. For example‐: an employee may feel as if his/her employer does not trust him/her enough to let him/her work independently off the camera. Moreover, a camera is a costly thing to install. Apart from installing, they require proper time to time maintenance. Another issue with CCTV cameras is that they are quite vulnerable. For example‐: a tech savvy thief with knowledge about the camera might close it when required or in worse cases the camera may be hacked.
To sum up, just like a knife can be used to cut a vegetable or do a murder, CCTV cameras have both advantages and disadvantages. It is upon us as to how we use it.

39. Children have more and more tests and exams to do at school, sometimes starting from the age of 5 or 6 right to the age of 18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making children take exams?
Write your answer in at least 250 words.

Examinations are the bug‐bear of many students. They turn out to be ghost like creatures for some of the students, which brings out the worst in them. But there are even students who take exams very cool‐headedly. Although some may say that exams are the worst part of education system, it must not be ignored that exams can prove to be really beneficial if taken in the right spirit. Like, you cannot blame the gun for murder, you can’t either blame the exams for pressure.
Exams certainly pose some good advantages to a student life. Firstly, if taken in right spirit, exams do help in finding the true skills of an individual. For example‐: if a student works hard for the entire year, and gets 90 in math and 60 in English, he/she can easily know that their true skills lie in math and they can take it as their career. Exams even allows children to give their best, they in a certain way surely allow the students to push the envelope. Secondly, exams if taken with healthy competition allow an individual to grow. The fire to be the best can be easily ignited by the exams. Thirdly, exams help in making friends. For example‐: students who study together often tend to become better friends than those who play together.
Although when social status is attached to exams, they prove to be quite disadvantageous. Firstly, exams bring in pressure, if taken in wrong way. For example‐: if a parent beats a child for coming second in class instead of appreciating him/her, it can create feelings of loneliness and worthless pressure in them. Secondly, exams can even cause feelings of inferiority complex amongst students, if they are judged based on their marks in exams. For example‐: if a student getting 50% marks is stereotyped as dumb, it could be quite damaging for that kid.
In conclusion, it can be said, that the advantages and disadvantages of exams depends on how an individual perceives it. If we want our kids to be fearless of exams, we need to change the way we look at exams.

40. It is a common aspiration among people to run their own business, rather that work for an employer.
Do you think the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Gone are the days of industrialization and we are in the era of entrepreneurship. The economy has settled in such a way that anyone who has the dream of opening their business can do it, provided they have the courage. This has led to a new wave of young people leaving university to start their own company. Like every other trend, I think this also brings with it both the advantages and the disadvantages.
  On the one hand, having your own business has some drawbacks. These include high pressure, big responsibilities, getting completely passionate over one thing which may not be every one’s cup of tea. Saying this, it does not mean you can’t fulfill your dreams, the point is many a times, people have personal responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Even more, getting a good team is a hard task. So, although you are talented enough, if you don’t have a strong team, there is no point of opening a business. “Risk” is the right word to state this inclination. Those who know how to play it, win the game, the others come crashing down. Turning to the other side of the argument, it gives the individuals the power to make decisions, and with it a room for creativity. Instead of following the employer’s decision you are now free to follow your heart, achieve things that you have decided for yourself. The most important thing is it makes the individuals responsible for their own actions. So, for example, if the company goes into a loss, the owners will be blamed for and if it earns profits, it surely has to do something with their vision. Even more, if the company is able to manage a constant rate of profits for some time, they may end up earning more per month, than they might have earned in their entire life. To conclude, there is no doubt that risks are associated with it, but I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Either ways, everyone has their own idea of a good life and it might be possible that what one person thinks as a great life is meaningless to others.

41. Success in business can be assured if you have great marketing and promotion.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Write at least 250 words

We are living in an era which is marked by digital revolution. From the daily routines to business digital world has impacted everything. With this change, some people believe that for a business to be successful, it must have excellent marketing and promotion. In my opinion, advertising is always the second most important thing, primary being focusing on the main product/ service.
Marketing a business has great benefits. Firstly, a large group of people get to know about it. Obviously, the more the awareness, more will be your customers. Secondly, it brings customers on the right side. A customer is able to make more knowledge able guess of the product after seeing an advertisement. Thirdly, a market space gets created for the business. For instance, when android phones came, they were not the utmost priority of everyone. It was because of their promotion that they got noticed and their need was felt.
However, simply having promoted a product is not enough. One surely gets to know about the business but after a certain time, it all depends on how good the product/service is. Even more, if the marketing team promotes a product in a way that is different from the actual product, it leads to distrust among consumers about the business.
To conclude, in my opinion, we as individuals are quick to make decisions and the marketing of a product surely plays a very important role. However, it is not the only deciding factor. The final success of a business depends both on the efficiency of product and its marketing.

42. Directors and managers of organizations are often older people. Some people say that it is better for younger people to be leaders.
To what extent do you agree/disagree?
Write at least 250 words.

A generation ago, the big organizations of the countries were run by old people, the ones regarded as the experienced. However, with coming times, new ventures are getting established by younger people. With this, there are two opinions formed, some believe that an organization is better to run by older people because of their experience, however, others believe that younger people bring with them dynamism
that is required for taking the organization to higher levels. I believe, what matters is the passion and the vision to take the company to newer heights. Young people running a company bring with them great benefits. Firstly, they are more up‐to‐ date and in touch with the modern world. This brings an added advantage to the organization in terms that they replace the more redundant work with the new better technologies. Secondly, they are often more dynamic and forward‐thinking which makes them open to new ideas. Thirdly, leadership demands strength, both mentally and physically. Young leaders are often more fitter than their older counter parts making them a better choice for the role of a leader.
However, older generation has their own advantages. Firstly, with age comes experience which is very critical for the job of a leader. Even more, older people have more authority which is needed to manage and lead people. Secondly, the job of a leader is that of responsibility and this sense of responsibility is more often found in the older counterparts.
To recapitulate it can be said that age is just a number. A leader is a person who has a vision and can lead a team. Both young and old people bring with them their benefits to the organization; however, in the end it is the passion to work that makes the company successful

43. These days, we are seeing an increasing amount of violence on television, and this is having a negative impact on children’s behavior.
Do you agree or disagree?

Television and other forms of entertainment have a strong effect in developing the values and influencing the behavior of children. Sadly, the majority of today’s television programs show inappropriate violent content. If watched under adult supervision, this negative impact can also be prevented. I partially concur that violent television programs has a negative effect on a minor’s behavior.
To begin with, Violence is an everyday occurrence in our society and the way media presents it in every way has a negative impact. Watching frequent violence desensitizes children making them immune to the fear of disturbing activities taking place in the society. Furthermore, youngsters find it difficult to differentiate between the real world and the harsh incidences around. This sometimes attempt to imitate activities broadcasted on the television.
On the contrary, the media and television are considered to be the mirror of the society we live in. Therefore, violent content makes children more conscious and aware of the darker side of society. In this way, children at a young age can think of methods and practices to improve their future. In fact, violence is shown in a more entertaining way so that people can enjoy as well as get a moral which the show is trying to deliver.
To wind up, some people believe that children who are exposed to violent content play more aggressively and have a different type of behavior. But with parental surveillance, the time spent watching TV can be moderated by spending it on more beneficial activities like reading or developing other hobbies.

44. In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge. In the future, job applicants may not need any formal qualifications.
To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Practical skills and theoretical knowledge are two completely far‐off approaches to learning. While theoretical education will help one to get a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and how a particular mechanism works. But without practical knowledge one cannot put their efficiency into practical usage. In my opinion, in today’s job market theoretical knowledge’s importance cannot be entirely overlooked. Formal qualifications help a person learn why and how skills are used and implemented. It is more preferable in today’s job market as without theoretical knowledge tasks cannot be performed in a job. The theory is important from a job’s point of view because it gives a deeper insight into a context. In fact, professionals like teachers, lawyers, doctors cannot execute work without formal qualifications and a degree.
On the other side, some people disagree as they think practical skills are far more important for a person’s functioning at a professional place. Certain things can only be learned through experience and performance. For instance, for a designer or an artist practical skills like creativity and innovative ideas that they gain with training is more beneficial that theory. Similarly, there are many people who were college drop‐outs but presently they are doing wonders in their lives.
To conclude, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are interconnected as they complement each other. Therefore, though practical skills are given more weightage in the job market these days, formal qualifications should not be denied as it helps make an individual’s future career more prosperous.

45. Solving environmental problems for the present generation to sacrifice our present convenient way of living .Do you agree or disagree? The key to solving environmental problems is for the present generation to sacrifice their convenient way of life for the sake of future generations. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Evidently, problems related to environmental degradation are rising day‐by‐day. Some people argue that by compromising luxurious living style, we can solve this problem easily. However, I believe that less usage of technology and by being more responsible towards our surrounding, human race can tackle this issue effectively. To begin with, one of the most effective steps can be taken by making some changes in people’s daily life activities. Unknowingly, many of us get indulged in those actions, which can be hazardous for our environment. For instance, using plastic materials, although we are all aware that plastic bags are harmful for the environment, people still use plastic bags. In addition, running some campaigns and spreading the information about harmful effects of using plastic bottles and bags can save earth. Furthermore, scarcity of drinking water is the major rising problem these days. Though humans are blessed with abundance of water, depletion of water is increasing in many parts of the world. By making some changes in our habits, water related problem can be solved.
Furthermore, the advent of technology is adversely affecting our environment. Demand for the production is rising at alarming level. However, limited use of technology and promoting more usage of natural resources such as solar, water and tidal energy can solve this problem.
To conclude, we could get the chance to lead this present lifestyle after struggling for many years. I believe that by considering some above mentioned steps we can save our earth for descendants without hampering our present life.

46. Some people believe that television is a powerful educational tool. Other people believe that television is nothing more than mindless entertainment and should be discouraged.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Provide examples and supporting evidences to back up your opinion on this subject.

Television is a versatile tool as it can be used for different means such as communication, ideas and skills. Due to the popularity of television, there are varying views on television being a positive force or a negative force on the education of our community.
  On a comforting prospect, television has played the function of a supportive and reinforcement device. Being an entertainment oriented medium, this device has the ability to provide a more appealing and visual experience to learning to students of all age groups. It is working as an effective tool in education, it helps to accomplish the aims and objectives of education. For example, introducing Smart Learning as part of the academic curriculum helps students to retain knowledge for a longer period of time. Educational channels such as National Geography and Discovery Channel also give a lot of educational information.
On the contrary, it is believed that television is nothing but senseless entertainment. Learning through traditional means of education is preferable rather than gaining brief knowledge with the help of a digital device. For instance, reading a newspaper and watching it on television is not the same. The in‐depth knowledge that the newspaper provides is lacking in news flashes displayed on the television. There are several channels available on television that do not show appropriate content.
As an outcome, people prefer gaining knowledge through technology but it is not a substitute for written education. Therefore, conventional and technical knowledge both play an equivalent role in the education system of our society.

47. Government or teachers responsible  should the government or teachers be responsible for what is to be taught in schools?
 Give reason for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. 
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

Whether the school teachers or the government should take the onus of the education imparted in educational institutes is a moot point. I personally believe that both the teachers and the policy makers should play an active role in planning, devising and implementing the curriculum at all levels of education.
  To begin with, most of the countries in the contemporary world have a Ministry Of Education which deals with all the matters and policies regarding education. The Ministry appoints academicians and administrative staff who plan and formulate the curriculum for all the classes in the primary, secondary or high schools. Not only that, they also give directions to the schools about the number and type of assessments which will be used to check the students’ progress. Furthermore, this department can make changes and amendments as and when required depending on the feedback received from the schools and parents.
  However, the educators who actually teach the students in a classroom situation also play a vital role in the educational system. They are the ones who follow the curriculum and deliver the lectures using a wide range of audio‐visual aids. Although curriculum designing is of paramount importance, the value of an effective teacher cannot be overlooked. They can arouse interest and inquisitiveness of learners which helps in better understanding of the topics.  
All in all, the government and the teachers together make the educational machinery run. There has to be a close association and cohesiveness between the two in order to increase the level of education of a nation.

48. Time is money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

I completely agree with the famous phrase written by Benjamin Franklin that ‘Time is Money’. Time is indeed precious and priceless. We require time to earn money but money cannot buy the time which is lost. We all get limited amount of time in our lives. Therefore, it depends on us whether we utilize our time productively or just waste it aimlessly.
This proverb signifies that time outweighs money. As we know, time is moving ahead continuously. Present becomes past with a blink of an eye. It means that we must respect time more than anything else. The actions we take at the right time defines our achievements in life. Opportunities in life must be identified and harnessed timely to experience an event of great grandeur. Understanding the true value of time is essential to taste success in life. Life is uncertain and the amount of time we get in life is predefined and limited. I believe, a moment gone never comes back, it is lost forever. Therefore, we shouldn’t be careless with our time.
Therefore, time management is an indispensable skill to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In order to manage our time, we must have certain goals to attain. Every individual should prepare and follow a schedule of planned activities to accomplish aforesaid target. In this way we can make our actions goal‐oriented and less time consuming. The act of time management symbolizes the value of time one holds in one’s life.
To conclude, like money, time can neither be earned nor saved for the future use. Time and life are completely inseparable. We have no control on time but we can control our actions. By taking right actions at right time, we can make our life more satisfactory .People who waste their time in wandering aimlessly, tend to suffer. We can either make the best use of the time or just repent afterwards.

49. Telecommuting is changing the concept of conventional working atmosphere.
Do you agree or disagree?

With the advent of globalization and with technology at our fingertips, telecommuting is not only changing the way we work but our living style too. Undoubtedly, flexible working hours and home offices have changed the conventional job atmosphere. This essay is in agreement with the view that telecommuting is changing the traditional work environment.
In detail, to begin with, telecommuting refers to office workers spending working hours at home and using different means of electronic technology to communicate with the other employees. Undoubtedly, parents with young children, working mothers as well as single parent can be benefitted the most by this way of working. Work from home allows people to have more balanced life. People get sufficient time to spend with their family members. Expectedly, work can be performed in a more relaxed way. This improves the harmony among family members.
It is evident that there are many other ways also by which telecommuting is helping the working individuals in a society. Firstly, money spent on infrastructure for offices can be utilized where it is more required. Secondly, remote way of working is a time saving process. People do not need to waste their time in travelling from home to work place on a daily basis. Certainly, time saved can be used more effectively to be more productive towards work.
To conclude, telecommuting is a boon for many professionals to have a balance in their personal and professional life. Without hampering their professional terms, personal commitments can be fulfilled effectively.

50. Childcare education should be obligatory.
 Childcare training courses should be mandatory for all parents. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Give your own opinion and include relevant examples?

Certainly, parents need to have some knowledge before entering into parenthood. Nowadays, courses related to parent‐ child relationship are gaining popularity among people. Even though these classes can be beneficial in some cases, these should not be obligatory for all the parents.
Undeniably, there are many benefits of providing lessons on child care. Firstly, new parents may find difficulties to understand the need of their child. By learning methods in child care training programs, they become aware about the proper nutrition, vaccination and most importantly common health related issues which should be taken care initially. Secondly, information related to the betterment of a child’s growth can be considered a boon for many of those parents whose children have different needs than other children. Differently abled children can be treated properly.
Nevertheless, making child care trainings mandatory for all the parents may receive negative comments from some people. First of all, there is a presumption in most societies that children’s upbringing should be based on the basis of a family’s background and culture. This led many of the parents to be reluctant to be the part of these training programmers. Moreover, parents these courses may not be able to provide all the necessary information as per the requirements for each and every family. Lastly, in many families both mother and father go out to work, they may not be able to get some time off work to join these classes.
To conclude, although many families may get the benefits of child care classes, I firmly believe that making it compulsory for all of them is not feasible.