Why you should chose Lexis English Academy to prepare for PTE ?

  • Every individual student is provided a personal computer with latest configuration to practice.
  • Students can practice PTE tests on computer for almost whole day from morning 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, no short duration classes in the form of batches
  • Spacious, organized and professional environment in the classes.
  • Personal attention is given to the students especially weak students are given more time
  • Qualified, mature, thorough professional and experienced Trainers teach the students.
  • Mock tests are conducted on weekly basis.
  • Master classes are provided to the students on weekly basis to discuss tips and tricks to increase their score in different PTE Modules.

What is PTE?

The Pearson Test of English is known as PTE.

PTE Academic rates academic English used in the real world. PTE is the most unbiased indicator of someone’s English proficiency, and it is trusted by universities, colleges, and governments all over the world. Numerous educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, and other countries recognise its test scores. Additionally, all forms of visas are accepted in Australia and New Zealand.

The exam measures a student’s proficiency in understanding the language and focuses more on everyday English than on high-level English. The multiple-level grading structure guarantees a better grasp of the student’s English language proficiency.

Candidates get three hours to complete the test administered by Pearson Inc., and the results are available immediately.

Why opt for PTE ?

PTE is a well-liked option among students due to the fact that its scores are recognised all around the world. In addition to facilitating their admittance into foreign nations, the test also provides them with a realistic assessment of their English language proficiency and international performance.

If you’re still unsure as to why you should take the PTE exam, we’ll offer a few additional special benefits

1.Intelligence generated artificially

An algorithm that is based on replies from people evaluates your command of the English language. This makes the evaluation fair because you are assessed based on what you say or write.

2.Reliable outcomes

Since the exam is graded and tested by a computer, there is no human error or bias in the grading.

3.Numerous locations around the world

PTE provides international testing in more than 295 test sites in more than 50 nations. Students now have an easier time selecting a centre of their choice.

4.Quick outcomes

The PTE exam uses cutting-edge technology to transmit results within 48 hours of the test date.

Not to mention its widespread acceptance in some of the most esteemed educational institutions worldwide.

Although there are different rules and circumstances for immigration depending on the country, the English language test is still the most common one taken globally.

For how long PTE test is valid ?

It is valid for two years.

How to prepare for PTE ?

Lexis English Academy wants to help you through the planning process and maintain your interest in studying abroad. You can enrol with us for a thorough PTE exam preparation.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get ready for the PTE exam and do outstandingly.

  1. Spend some time understanding the test format. Once you are familiar with the test’s detailed structure, you will know what to anticipate from the test, which is taken by students all over the world.
  2. Take practise exams: You can improve your PTE scores by engaging in frequent practise sessions. In addition to practise exams and coursebooks, you can download the Official Practice App, which contains a wealth of information regarding the test.
  3. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses: As you begin to study for the exam, you will learn about the grey areas. Your goal should be to strengthen such areas while also enhancing others. Getting advice from specialists can be quite helpful in this situation.
  4. Use practise exams to get a feel for the exam environment. This is the best approach to get ready for any exam. If you thought about enrolling in a coaching facility, you may routinely practise mock exams.

What is the format of PTE ?

A computer and headset will be provided for the 3-hour PTE Academic test, which you can use to read, listen to, and reply to questions.

You should be aware of the three key components of the PTE test in order to comprehend its format:

combined speaking and writing time: 77–93 minutes

You will be expected to read aloud literature and give your own introduction in order to have your speaking abilities evaluated. Other assignments include describing pictures, saying sentences aloud, and recounting lectures. You will have 20 minutes to write an essay for this section as well.

32 to 40 minutes of reading

Reading comprehension is one of the English skills being tested by the questions in this section. Fill in the gaps and various multiple-choice questions will be asked of you.

Duration: 45 to 57 minutes

You must pay close attention to the audio and video samples in this section and take notes. After that, you will have to respond to inquiries in various formats depending on these clips.

A 10-minute break is also available between the reading and listening sessions. Due to the fact that PTE is an integrated skill test, there will be twenty various question types, ranging from multiple choice to essay writing and information interpretation.

What is the difference between PTE and other tests ?

Actual test materials and assignments: Show that you can speak academic English in everyday situations.

Fully computerised testing: delivering accurate and trustworthy findings.

Results are sent quickly: usually within 5 working days.

Flexible booking: no need to wait any longer, book for the following day or the following week!